Our Story

We are Kin

We are a husband and wife team that is passionate about loving people and expressing our hearts through creation.

We are a company rooted in kindness. At Kin, we make every item by hand, in our very own Savannah-based studio! We believe there is a right way to produce the things we love. To us, the “right way” means taking our time, sourcing our materials responsibly, and ensuring that our leather goods are made with love and integrity. We never intend to blend in, and we hope we never do. 

Where Passion Meets Process


Our main objective at Kin has always been to create products that are made with quality materials that are responsibly sourced and are ethically produced. We import all of our leather from Italy and Spain, exclusively use solid brass hardware, and our fabric linings are made with organic cotton. Like our good friend Teddy Roosevelt says, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."


Designer-made that is actually made by the designer. In a world of automation and of outsourcing, this can get forgotten. At Kin, we take the road less traveled. Our making process is slowed down, allowing us to create each piece one by one so we are able to focus on the details that often get overlooked.

The Team

Elise is the “maker.” She designs, patterns, and creates every piece by hand from start to finish. She received a BFA in Accessory Design from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2018 and has always felt called to pursue fashion through entrepreneurship. Having a heart for people, Kin was a dream and natural progression for her. She felt strongly about following her love of fashion but doing it in a way she could be proud of. 

Matt is the head of graphic, web, and marketing for Kin. He received both his Bachelors & Masters from SCAD and has been killing it ever since. He works full time as a graphic designer for Lifepoint Church, Miggins Co, and also works for us here at Kin! He is responsible for all of our digital content, packaging, and promotional material.

Matt and Elise Higgins